Castaway KirkĀ PC18-XX
Type: Single Player game
Ganre: Point and Click Puzzle Adventure
Theme: Sci-Fi
Release Date: TBD

Castaway Kirk is an unconventional point and click adventure game that melds genres with a first person perspective and interface. It’ll have the traditional elements of your classic puzzle adventure along with familiar “weapon style” reusable objects.

The player takes the role of Kirk, an unfortunate adventurer, who finds himself trapped on a mysterious island. Make no mistake, this is a straightforward puzzle game, not a shooter. You’ll have to use your brain, your intuition, and occasionally some quick reflexes to navigate the tasks and pitfalls ahead.

For news on Castaway Kirk check out the Indiedb page were you can also download the demo.

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  1. Alejandro Leyva

    Hi!! I am a big youtuber 1+ million suscribers. I love your game. My market is in spanish but I think the game you guys are developing is amazing. I was wonderiong if there is anyway to support your work or help you to finish this game?.

    Let me know if you need haelp or something. I will upload a video playing the prologe on October 9th.

    Keep doing that great job.

    Alejandro Leyva


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