About Us


Majesty 3D is the collaborative production studio of two coffee shop night owls.

This collaborative team started during the late night hours in a small coffee shop in Kalamazoo Michigan. What began on a small custom map for a barely known game mod on steam grew into a creatively beneficial partnership. Spurred by a plethora of imaginative and innovative ideas the two decided to delve into the realm of computer generated entertainment. Starting with the game industry with hopes of moving into other mediums, Majesty 3D aims to make its mark on the indie entertainment world.

Josh King has been designing levels for Source Engine games and making models in Blender since 2008, shortly after graduating from Grand Valley State University with a BA in Theatre. He now follows his once hobby, and true passion, of video games. He heads the studio’s programing and level design departments.

Rex Hansen brings an extensive art background to the table. With more than 15 years of experience in traditional 2D art mediums, this artistic jack-of-all-trades, has found his true love in 3D modeling and Animation. He heads the studio’s art department, and social media department.

These two put their varied backgrounds and collective imaginations together to build entertaining and exciting narratives. With so many ideas it’s exciting to think what could come from such a team, and we can’t wait to show you!